100% leftover materials

Remains is a capsule collection that works with sustainable thinking to minimize waste. Committed to keeping both the future of fashion and the future of society in mind, Weekday is always looking at different ways to work in a sustainable way. For this collection we have used leftover materials, which utilizes material already made and allows us to save materials that might otherwise be discarded.

What Remains. Made from 100% leftover materials.
Model 1

“For this collection we found inspiration in the ancient concept of mottainai, which roughly translates into ‘respect the resources around you instead of wasting them”

- Johan Tegman-Langer, head designer for denim.

Models 3

“When designing new collections, sustainability is about process as much as it is about materials used”

- Johan Tegman-Langer, head designer for denim.

Buying leftover materials means using what is available at the time and sometimes that means having a very limited quantity. This season Remains consists of five garments which come from leftover rolls of denim, there is also a patchwork blanket made from the denim that was leftover after making the garments.

Model 5
Models 6
Model 7

“We see Remains as a long term concept, this season we have a denim collection which we are really proud of but in the future it could be jersey or knitwear”

- Louise Lasson, Creative Director.